Mastermind Sessions

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Wednesday December 12th

Day 1
 7:30-8:55am Registration
  9:00-10:00am Is Our Market Up, Down, or Sideways?
Steve Hundley delivers the 2013 Real Estate Marketing Trends Keynote
 10:00-10:45am Just Niche It.
Keys to Defining Your Brand & Specialization in the new marketing universe
 10:45-11:30am B R E A K /  N E T W O R K I N G
 11:00-12:00pm Shift Your Marketing System Into Overdrive!
Drive your business to a new high in 2013 – Unveiling the 2013 Marketing System Showdown
  12:00-1:30pm   B R E A K /  N E T W O R K I N G
 1:30-2:15pm Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.
High-Touch listing generation strategies presented by billionaire agent Gregg Neuman

 2:15-2:45pm Divide & Conquer
Four Steps to targeting the perfect real estate market
 2:45-3:15pm What’s Old… is New Again.
Learn how the new wave of INTERACTIVE direct mail is like rocket fuel for your marketing!
 3:15-3:30pm  B R E A K /  N E T W O R K I N G
3:30-5:00pm Creating Amazing Synergy Between Agents & Brokers
Experience how leading brokers are partnering with their agents for an amazing win / win formula!
  5:00-6:30pm Real Estate is a Contact Sport
Networking cocktail hour – Experience Social Networking at it’s best!
 8:00-11:00pm Holiday Jazz Party – in the Historic Hotel del Coronet Room
-Make sure you have a room – we want you to have a great time and no driving icon smile Mastermind Sessions

 Thursday December 13th

Day 2

 9:00-10:00am Revealing Creative Methods to Boost Business
Steps and Tips for Attracting More Buyers, Sellers, and Referrals.
 10:00-10:45am The 4 Building Blocks of Content Marketing
Keys to crafting your messages to engage customers and generate leads
 10:45-11:00am  B R E A K /  N E T W O R K I N G
 11:00-12:00pm Getting it Done.
Being in the Right Place at the Right Time… Every time!
 12:00-1:30pm  B R E A K /  N E T W O R K I N G
  1:30-2:40pm The Real Estate Crystal Ball
Local, National, and International Experts Share the Post-Election Market Forecast for 2013
 2:40-2:55pm  B R E A K /  N E T W O R K I N G
 2:55-3:55pm Champagne. Polo. Caviar.
How to Capture the Luxury Market
 4:00-4:30pm Get Ready to Crush It in 2013
Walking Away with Your Personalized 2013 Plan, Notebook, & Binder