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Learn 3 Steps to Simplify and Prosper in 2013

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How do we make marketing simple?

    • First – Learn how to get rid of distractions.

We are inundated with way too many new technologies and marketing ideas hitting us daily. Not all bad, but in the real world we need to focus on listings and what home owners (sellers) want is an experienced REALTOR® to help them sell their home. This means cut the clutter and prove why you are specialized to get the job done – this is very simple when done right. We need to treat the array of products you have like pruning the garden. Learn what core items work best and what to get rid of… at least for now.

    • Second – See how marketing has transformed from promotion to engagement.

Studies show that less than 5% of sellers pick a listing agent from the Internet. 95% of the business is in your community—be there. This gets lost when you think your number #1 goal is to rank at the top of search engines or to have 5000 friends in Facebook or to have some fancy gadget. What we have found is that the much of the online hype is over rated and basic community engagement is winning over fancy gadgets or high ranking websites for real business – we still need a great online presence, but it has to designed for engagement not just lead capture. We’ll show you proven examples of engagement steps you can implement right away.

    • Third – Get back to basics

Customers want to deal with real people, they want to see you; you want them to write great reviews about you online and be your promoters. You need to get rid of time wasting, dollar sucking tasks, that don’t work well. Focus on simplifying your business, your life and exceeding customer expectations – we call it focusing on High Value Time. You will be amazed how just being yourself and using basic tools to communicate and reach your market will transform your sales results. You will love the sessions that teach how to dial in a profitable and easy to execute plan for a very prosperous 2013.

We can’t wait to see you at #REMS12 – share the word!


REMS is great because the presenters are agents who work in the business every day, not people who are just paid to speak.” – Gregg Neuman greggneuman 2012 Landing Page

1parkplace’s Real Estate Marketing Summit has become a favorite of the Real Estate Industry by being a venue for agents and brokers to share and learn what works in today’s market.

This year the Summit gets specialized – CEO Steve Hundley has developed a strategy for success designed to navigate you through today’s trends and technologies and get you more business!

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rems mastermind hotel del 2012 Landing Page1parkplace CEO offers a money back guarantee!
“I am so confident your expectations will be exceeded, I will refund your full VIP Pass amount if you are not 100% satisfied!”


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What’s Included:

2 full days of personalized strategic business planning, actionable steps proven to improve your business, intimate exposure to top real estate practitioners and their secrets to success.

All this in sunny San Diego on the sands of America’s Best Beach at the historic, world-famous Hotel del Coronado!

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Get the Blueprint for Success:

  • Clear-Cut Action Plan
  • Workbook to Guide Your Business
  • Strategies Proven to Generate Listings

Don’t just learn Steve’s formulas – hear from top practitioners who are living proof that when you stick to this plan, great things happen!

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What the Experts Say: divider1 2012 Landing Page

“It’s been an unbelievable buffet of intellectual ideas and thoughts and suggestions and proven systems. The entire conference, holistically, appeals to me, because you don’t often find this approach in Real Estate”-Allan Dalton (Former President, REALTOR.com) “Even just the hallway conversations that you have with great people doing great things across the US inspire you and give you great new ideas to take back to your business”-Ed Kaminsky (Founder Sports Star Relocation) “It’s really exciting to get motivated…and also to have strategies and ideas for implementation with your own marketing plan”-Nicole Nicolay (Founder/Chief Creative Officer AgentEvolution)
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“This event is about knowledge and education moving forward into the future of the Real Estate industry, which includes hyperlocalized content, the digital age, technology, and bringing value to the consumer.”-Krisstina Wise (CEO GoodLifeTeam) “When can you gather so many people in one spot for one time to really help learn…it’s not the typical conference where you sit and go back. Here you listen, you learn, and you interact.”-Jeff Wheeler (President/COO Coldwell Banker United)

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