The 4 Building Blocks Of Content Marketing!

Keys to crafting your messages to engage customers and generate leads.


Presenters:           Erica Liodice – VP of Marketing Samuel Scott, Financial Group

                                      Erin Davis – Director, Speak Easy Inc.

Session Highlights:

  • Deep look at the science of customer targeting based on platform
  • Setting up your contact and content management systems
  • Defining what to say based on the medium you are utilizing
  • Crafting your message to engage your audience


The 4 Building Blocks Of Content Marketing!

This workshop takes you through the concept of your message topic, shaping of your headline, information in your body, and the platform you will be distributing your message through.


Content marketing is predicated on engaging topics, headlines, informationand mediums to draw your audience into relevant and captivating conversations… no matter where they are.


Intriguing content marketing is an integral aspect to community engagement and gaining responses to your marketing is essential; were looking to shape your messages for the various mediums that you will distributing through, including your direct mail, website, Facebook posts, and tweets. These various mediums have individual, particular meanings and engagement strategies that you should be aware of.


We are going to analyze our target customer groups in more specific detail.  Then we are going to craft a sample Content Marketing message strategy to launch during the next session.