Revealing Creative Methods To BOOST Business!

Steps and Tips for Attracting More Buyers, Sellers, and Referrals.


Host:                     Steve Hundley – CEO, 1parkplace, Inc.


  • Doug Smith – Division Manager, New Homes Amerifirst Financial
  • Matt Brady – New Homes Division Manager, Amerifirst Financial
  • Stacy Randel – VP of Sales – Nest 4 Less
  • Makayla Turner – Consumer Marketing Representative,  SDDT
  • Lisa Wood – Sales Manager, First American Home Warranty, Inc.

Session Highlights

  • Creative ways to team with your affiliates for success
  • Methods of farming and developing relationships with businesses
  • Listing strategies using Notice of Defaults as targets
  • A buffet of tips and tools that anyone can use


Revealing Creative Methods To Boost Business!

This session is very unique, clever, and creative—this is going to show our attendees, how to increase business without adding a penny of expenses. In fact, what we’re going to share is how these partners will help sponsor and compensate for these marketing investments as you attempt to reach the community, consumers, and home owners in your marketplace.


When revealing creative methods to boost business we’re talking about opportunities that include partnering with your most trusted affiliates: your lender, title, escrow etc. and understanding what power they bring to your community marketing prowess.


Take advantage of our buffet of tools to help you engage sellers and close buyers.