Crushing It In 2013!

Walking away with your personalized 2013 plan to dominate your market


Presenter:          Steve Hundley


Session Highlights:

  • Connect the dots to all your marketing
  • Plan your 2013 in an engaging setting
  • Interact with Masterminds for optimal learning
  • Set up your systems for success


Crushing It In 2013!

When we talk about crushing it in 2013, we are bringing the entire summit back together in this session.  This is going to take the key learning modules of the show and organize them into three distinct categories; Branding, Systems & Execution.  The result makes assemblinga high-powered2013 marketing blueprint, personalized for your target market, a breeze.


You’ll be able to tune your marketing and leave with a handbook that will give you a game plan, a schedule, a list of tasks you need to accomplish and a list of the tools you need to embrace.


#REMS12 is about an honest evaluation of your current marketing to determine which practices should be kept, added, and removed from your arsenal to optimize your marketing efforts.


Also, this session is where we are going to be announcing the winners for the various contests we had running through the Summit.


Every attendeewill be leaving with a workbook, checklists and templates to ignite their marketing and hit 2013 with thunder and lightning!