Getting It Done!

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time… Every time!


Host:                     Steve Hundley – CEO,  1parkplace, Inc.

Presenters:        Erica Liodice – VP of Marketing Samuel Scott, Financial Group

Erin Davis – Director, Speak Easy Inc.

Heather Patrize – Marketing Consultant, 1parkplace, Inc.


Session Highlights:

  • Taking your content to the extreme level
  • Creating groups and campaigns to automate your messages
  • Live example of publishing your message EVERYWHERE – eMarketing!
  • Social networking to create maximum engagement
  • Staying connected with your audience – react quickly
  • Tracking and monitoring results – getting feedback!


Getting It Done!

The steps to Content Marketing success starts with being at the right place at the right time.  Here we discuss what messages are received by which groups, in what formats, and on which platforms.


How we automate the messaging we create so that it actually gets to the right place when our consumers are most susceptible and readily receiving the information dispersed.


With eMarketing (Everything Marketing), all instruments are utilized which includes the web, social networking, direct mail and traditional marketing such as door knocking and phone calls.