What’s OLD… Is NEW Again!

Learn how the new wave of INTERACTIVE direct mail is like rocket fuel for your marketing!



David Collins, President, Real Marketing, Inc.&
Steve Hundley, CEO, 1parkplace, Inc.


Session Highlights:

  • Learn to ignite your print marketing like never before
  • Deep look at the psychology of your marketing message
  • How to “unify” by connecting the dots between print and online
  • Steps to increase results and to measure performance


What’s OLD… Is NEW Again!

Lots of people said print is dead. We’re going to demonstrate how the right specialized print strategy is the high performance fuel for your online marketing engine and market domination.


The difference in print these days is how you properly connect it to you marketing systems; all the components necessary in direct mail such as variable data, customs URLS, local tracking numbers and other distinct calls to action that differentiate one mail piece from another.


In this particular session we ask the audience to bring sample of their own and their competition’s mail pieces from their marketplace to analyze it together and determine what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s ugly so we can showcase the premium pieces.