Shift Your Systems Into Overdrive!

Drive your business to a new high – easy and SMART – Unveiling Marketing Systems for 2013


Presenter:                          Steve Hundley – CEO, 1parkplace, Inc.



1parkplace Orchestra

  • Steve Fox
  • Rory Witt
  • Ruben Marin
  • Abigail Klass
  • Kyle O’Brien

Session Highlights:

  • Unveil systems that focus on generating listings
  • Live demo of the building of a market domination system in 10 minutes
  • A step-by step look at how to evaluate your current technology
  • Demystify the need for fancy gadgets and wiz bang widgets
  • Bring back basics and win your market while you clobber competition



Shift Your Marketing System IntoOverdrive!

Creating the correct systems that operate the backend and frontend of your engagement and branding solutions. This means having the right websites, the right contact manager, and the right tools for broadcasting your messages and all the systems in place to track these areas efforts.  We will assess the types of tools we are using for community captivation including your website, blog, social networking, twitter, mobile, and local based systems.

Not only will the mediums frequented for percolation of your messages be evaluated but also how often you have to input information into your systems and the organization of how your contacts you should be reached in order to have the right quantity of appointments that transition into listing and sales.