Steve Hundley delivers 2013 Real Estate Trends

Opening Keynote Session to REMS 12

Is Our Market Up, Down or Sideways?

The Internet put the consumer in the driver’s seat. When we lost the MLS Books, we lost the power…or so we thought. Knowing and mastering these trends will transform your status from afterthought to thought-leader. Be where your clients want to be, know what they want to know, stay in front of the trends, and you will win.

We’ll dissect what’s real and what’s not about real estate marketing trends – how useful are social and mobile media? Instead of creating silos and keeping your information separate, we need platforms that work TOGETHER to make your job easier. This session will help you create a system that embraces the paths that consumers walk to buy and sell real estate.

We’ll reveal field findings: we’re sticking to the facts of what consumers are doing right now—how they react to technology, content, and broadcast method—based on our buycbdproducts with Realtors and consumers every single day.


  • The latest gizmos, gadgets, and technologies
  • The power of Content and Video Marketing
  • Sometimes less is more: the apps you can delete right now

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