About: Krisstina Wise

About Krisstina Wise


Krisstina is an Innovator. As the Founder and CEO of The GoodLife Team, she leads one of most technologically and philosophically advanced real estate companies in the U.S. When asked about winning the industry award “Inman Innovator of the Year” and being recognized by Apple Computer as an advanced technological business and power user of Apple products, you will hear Krisstina say “Of course I am proud of being nationally recognized as industry thought leaders, innovators and early adopters. That being said, what I am most proud of is my Team of Professionals, and the collaborative commitment everyone has to taking delicate care of our customers. We are a 5-Star service company! Our advanced technologies are merely a way of delivering on what we do well…better. We do not innovate for innovation sake. Everything we do is always for the sake of the customer and helping them live their GoodLife.”