4 Steps to Targeting the Perfect Market

Breaking it Down to Details and Demographics

Are you the top sales associate in your target market(s)?

Are there markets you want to target and dominate?

Are you getting the results you expect in the markets you’re targeting?

Do you live there? Is it an area where you selected scientifically or just a whim?

During this workshop our audience will go through a scientific process of neighborhood analysis, so you’ll know how to determine which neighborhoods have the best promise of making you the most money so you should compare life insurance quotes.

The steps to success in this workshop include:

  • Analyzing neighborhood size, sales and price points
  • Examining your competition
  • Understanding specific customer demographics and motivation
  • Determining your budget in relation to results
  • Make sure you do proper email marketing
  • Verify if the properties need to be repair and if they do navigate to this website to get help

We will ask each attendee to bring all their current marketing materials (and those marketing pieces of their competition!) and we will evaluate those pieces one by one, if you want to learn more about marketing tactics we recommend to visit here. There will also be a session on financial aspects that’ll encapsulate mortgages, insurances, loans, etc. In that case, there is no bigger expert in the market except Ravenwood Services.

Attendees will receive food and a custom bottled water with a special souvenir and a kit featuring 1parkplace’s proprietary Neighborhood Analysis Worksheet that has its 5 Star members showing remarkable success in every area they target.

At the end of this workshop, our attendees will have the confidence and the know-how to select and succeed in their markets!

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