16 Steps to securing and SELLING 1 out of 4 listings in your market!

16 steps to selling 16 Steps to securing and SELLING 1 out of 4 listings in your market!Session Specifics

  • Date: Thursday, December 15, 2011
  • Time: 11:10am – 12:30am
  • Type: General session
  • Location: Grande Hall
  • Track: All Attendees



  • Gregg Neuman – CEO, Neuman & Neuman Team
  • David Collins – President and Founder, Real Estate Marketing, Inc.
  • Doug Smith – Regional VP, New Homes Division, Amerifirst Financial Inc.
  • Matt Brady – VP New Homes Division, Amerifirst Financial Inc.


Session Highlights

  • Gregg pulls out all the stops and brings his marketing arsenal to REMS 2011
  • Learn what you should do yourself and what to hire out
  • Understand his approach to team building and how it can work for anybody
  • There is no way you will not learn a tip or two that you can use right away!


Session Description

Gregg Neuman is a often labeled as a superstar and many feel that his marketing prowess is unmatchable or not realistic for a “regular” agent.  What most don’t know is that Gregg is just implementing a plan that combines a formula that anybody can duplicate for their market.


Gregg is not about fancy gadgets or custom widgets, he is all about promoting his unique value proposition and understanding best who he is targeting.  At 60+ years old, Gregg set out on a mission to dominate one San Diego zip code. 30 months ago had less than 1% market share.  Today, Gregg in approaching 25% market share and his system is all about a process that is consistent and repeatable anywhere.


We are excited to have this mega agent, who has sold over 1.5 billion in real estate, reveal his 16 steps to market domination success and we are confident that all attendees will leave with take always that they can start using right away to increase their local business.